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Newtone Productions was founded to produce the music of multi award winning international artist Kelly Newton-Wordsworth. Kelly gave her life to God out in a field in 1988 and asked if she “could make a difference for Him on this Earth”. From that time He has given her songs with a very new tone from anything she had previously written – songs which awaken and inspire people all over the world to care and make a difference with their lives. Her albums feature the themes of caring for people (“Changing Hearts”), change (“Lately I’ve been Changing”), caring for the Earth (“For our Planet”) and love for God and Jesus (“Gospel Gladness” and “Christmas Carols from the Heart”). 


The fruit of the songs and life that God has given Kelly since she gave her life to Him, is that from living on a biodynamic farm in Western Australia she has performed worldwide at events such as Live Earth (US), The King of Thailand’s 80th Birthday at this Palace in Bangkok to 500,000 people, an International Peace Concert in Ladahk, India, and the World Christian Expo in Delhi, India. The performance of her song “Lest we forget” at the Anzac Centenary concert in Perth with a 100 voice choir was telecast nationally in Australia on ABC TV. 


Her music has been described by music Reviewer Mike Gee as “some of the best music ever recorded in  Western Australia”, and he also wrote that it “could be the first notes of the future”. Nelson Mandela thanked her for the song that bears his name. 


Kelly’s music has won Australian and international awards across the genres of rock, folk, country and blues.  Her song “What is happening to our forests?”, written from her direct involvement in the front lines of the first forest blockade, launched the successful campaign to save the last of our old growth forests in Western Australia. The video clip (watch it below) to that song that was an important part of the campaign that saved over 1 million hectares of magnificent old growth forest for future generations. 


Her song “Proud to be a housewife” has inspired and uplifted many, including one lady to return to her husband after she heard it on the radio as she was driving away from her family forever. A download of this song is a free gift for all who subscribe to our newsletter – see above. 


Please enjoy our catalogue set out below. Newtone Productions is an independent Australian Record and production company, also producing video, film, webinars and books from Kelly and the Newton-Wordsworth family.  


We are pleased to invite you to watch the video clips, listen to the music, look at the books, and buy music or books from  by download or order hard copy direct from us. We stand by our products and for many years we have offered a money back guarantee if a customer after listening at least 7 times to the music is unhappy about their purchase. 

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